1. How many extra prints should I order?

This all depends on how you plan to use your Hoot Kit and how many guests you are expecting. Some customers want a print for their scrapbook and one print for there guest to keep. This would require double the amount. Generally 1 print per guest is a safe number to base off how many prints you need. It’s always better to be on the safe side and order extra prints.

2. Can I add additional prints to my Hoot Kit order?

Of course! Why stop at 100 prints! Each additional print order contains 50 prints ($39.95). Our prices are the best and beats any retail stores.

3. What if I loose my return shipping label?

Every Hoot Kit comes with a prepaid return shipping label. We can NOT reprint or email you another one. You are now responsible for paying postage to return the cameras in a timely manner. If you do not show proof of shipment via tracking number, you are fully responsible for missing or lost packages.

4. What if I want to cancel my Hoot Kit order?

We can cancel your order no problem. Please understand you will lose your $50 deposit. See our terms below. By agreeing to our terms & agreements; “Cancellation by Lessee before rental period commences will result in loss of $50 reservation fee.” If you paid only deposit, your remaining balance will NOT be charged. If you had paid your order in full. You will receive a partial refund. (order total – $50)

5. Can I leave a deposit to secure my date?

Of course! We made it super convenient to secure your date even if your party is not till next year. You can leave a $50 deposit plus and additional items you add to your order and your date is secure! Your remaining balance will be automatically charged 30 days before your event date!

6. Why Fuji Instax over Polaroid?

From our research Fuji Instax is the highest rated instant printing camera on the market. We only offer you the highest quality. Fuji Instax is very user friendly to use and pops out unbelievable prints.

7. What types of events will Hoot Kit work at?

Hoot Kit works great at any event. Perfect for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties, Dance Recitals, School Plays, Mitzvahs, High School Dances, Holiday Parties, Corporate Parties, Wedding Showers, Baby Showers. Our instant printing cameras are expensive. Renting saves you time and money!

8. Why buy a Hoot Kit?

We all know how expensive Photo Booths can be. A Photo Booth can range from $700-$1500. A Hoot Kit has all the elements of a Photo Booth but at an affordable price. We are able to sell you the kit less than if you ran around and bought everything yourself. Not to mention the convenience factor of having all the items shipped to you in one box. Click here to buy your Hoot Kit today.

9. When will Hoot Kit arrive for my party?

After purchasing your amazing Hoot Kit you will receive a confirmation email. Your Kit will be shipped 7 days prior to your event date. You will receive an email confirming your Kit has been shipped with a unique tracking number. Did we mention Free Return Shipping is included in the price of your Hoot Kit.

10. When do I have to return the camera?

After your party. You are required to return the cameras within 3 days. Pack up the cameras in the original box and slap the return label on it. Return postage is already paid for. We made it that easy for you.

11. Do I have to pay for shipping?

Nope. We cover it both ways!

12. What is included in my Hoot Kit?

3 Rented Fuji Instax Mini Cameras 100 Prints Brand New Batteries 1 Silver Sharpie Tip Guide for BEST Results