Catelyn D – December 18, 2014:

We are so thankful we found this idea before our wedding. It was such a treat for all the guests, they loved passing the cameras around. We have the cutest little prints saved in a scrap book now and everyone wrote great little notes next to them too! The camera worked all night and there was a perfect amount of paper for everyone (90 guests). I love the book, the fuji cams produced amazing quality and i’m so happy everyone had a blast.

Miranda S. – December 29, 2014:

Love, love, lovee the hoot kit. Literally the most affordable way to get these instant printing cameras. The camera’s are high quality, shipped on time, entertained the guests and gave us tons of amazing and cute photos at the end of the night. Thanks!

Angela – January 12, 2015:

I saw an ad on Facebook for this instant camera wedding idea and I LOVED it. What a fun concept to have all the guests passing around the “Polaroid” cameras (I think they are actually Fuji cameras, but you get the idea) and snapping away during our reception. I added a scrap book and my guests created an amazing keepsake for me and my husband! I’ve already looked at the book and photo’s multiple times and anyone who comes over and sees it on my coffee table just raves about it. I’ll be recommending the Hoot Kit to friends and their upcoming Weddings!

Vanessa – February 10, 2015:

I had bought a Hoot Kit for my wedding due to budget constraints. What an affordable option as opposed to an expensive photo booth. All my guests had a great time with the Hoot Kit and I now have an incredible scrapbook forever. They even made it so easy to return the rented camera!

Kevin L. – February 13, 2015:

Bought this Hoot idea last minute (3 weeks out from my wedding) when my photographer told me he couldn’t do a photo booth any longer. That was a bummer, but not as much as getting turned down by the photo booth co’s I called as they were booked up. A few that weren’t just seemed like they’d bring outdated booths and I worried they’d be an eyesore. My wife loved this idea and we went for it. My guests LOVED this, and they are still talking about how much fun they had using the camera’s to take funny pics. My wife is ecstatic with all vintage pics we have and she’s going to make a scrap book.

Kiandra W. (verified owner) – February 16, 2015:

Just returned my cameras, so happy we had it! The 3 cameras were passed around all night during the reception and I was surprised but everyone got into the action. I saw my 83 old Grandmother do a selfie! We had our guests leave us a copy of every print and we now have every cute and sometimes hilarious memory saved. There’s just something about these vintage little prints that make’s the memories even sweeter.

Jasmine B (verified owner) – April 12, 2015:

Back from our honeymoon and we got to see our scrap book that our guests made! It is so cute, almost every guest took a pic and signed us a message. The camera’s were amazing, they were easy to use and printed the photo’s out instantly. My little cousin AND my grandparents had a ball with it. The hoot kit team we’re very friendly when I emailed them saying I’d be 1 day late shipping back their camera’s, they said no problem and were so nice asking us if everything went well! I’m having my girlfriend rent a hoot kit now for her wedding next month – such a great idea!